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... any time, any place, any length, any format .... (well, almost...)

William Freeman’s action packed seminars, workshops and training sessions will give the impetus and all you need to start exploiting your ‘elevator pitch’.

Find out how and when to to apply your elevator pitch and learn a proven technique for creating it. Each session is crammed with practical examples and gives you the tools you’ll need to produce measurable benefits within 28 days.

You can even create a promotional DVD for your ‘elevator pitch’.

You can get this ‘exploiting your elevator pitch’ session as:

  • a 45 minute motivational booster (a great way to start the day)
  • a 2 hour seminar (with hands-on work)
  • a 1 day production workshop including information on how to exploit your value face-to-face and electronic networking

Workshop participants get a copy of ‘The Two Minute Message’ book by William Freeman

Each session is tailored to apply the most appropriate balance of formal presentation, interactive discussion, practical work and motivational ‘oomph’.

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“The Two Minute Message Technique was an integral part of the BT Worldclass sales programme and helped our top sales people to develop outstanding elevator pitches” Katrina Dunkley Head of BT Major Sales Training

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