Elevator Pitch
is this your elevator pitch

The ‘Elevator Pitch’ ......
... and how you can REALLY exploit it

‘Elevator pitch’ or ‘Elevator Speech’ = what you’d say to your target ‘client’ if you had him / her as a captive audience for a couple of minutes; in the ‘elevator’ for example (or ‘lift’ as we’d say in the UK)

Every one is selling something; be it a product, a service, an idea  - or even a point of view. In the ‘seeking gainful employment’ marketplace, we are selling ourselves and the value we offer.

To be successful, you need to convince your target audience (your customers, prospects, colleagues or boss) that you are worth listening to.

That’s where a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ comes in

William Freeman’s  ‘Two Minute Message’ (TM) Services have been at the heart of BT ‘Worldclass Training Programmes’ in the UK and the TMM process has evolved into a major selling tool. This reinvention of the elevator pitch will help you build a succinct value story in ‘elevator pitch’ format, that will excite your clients and get them keen to talk to you

  • Seminars & Workshops - enthusing, inspiring and training your team
  • Hands-on Support - giving you measurable results at your time and point of need. Distance no object
  • Books & Collateral - providing information, advice and guidance

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